What We Do

Eagle Eye imaging offers unique aerial photography and videography across the UK using our radio-controlled hexacopter to safely and efficiently obtain the aerial photographs or video you require. Aerial photography has a variety of uses that can be used to inform, promote or create impact from a truly unique angle. What we shoot is limited only by our imagination. Why not take a look at some of the sectors we’ve already worked in below.


Commercial Developments

Eagle Eye Imaging Ltd can bring a new dimension to marketing, visualising or managing your large scale property developments. Our system allows us to return to site regularly and produce imagery as your site develops to give you a valuable record from the birth of a project, right up to completion.

Marketing and Promotions

Eagle Eye Imaging can produce a video to help promote your product, service or facilities. Using our state of the art aerial rig, alongside traditional camera work and advanced editing to create a stunning promotional video.


Eagle Eye Imaging can take aerial photographs and video that can create a stunning impact and provide a different perspective that simply can not be achieved with traditional photography or videography. Although our shoots are planned well in advance we have the flexibility to respond to your requirements. Our operator can work with you to […]
Solar Panels

Aerial Surveys

Our aerial rig is an excellent way of surveying your property. Whether you want to take a closer look at a hard to reach roof, obtain an easy overview of a large scale site or perform vital examination on specialist equipment like solar panels, our hexcopter can easily obtain footage to allow a visual examination.


Aerial photography and video can be used for a variety of events such as corporate events
, equestrian, sporting events weddings
, outdoor events and concerts.


Insurance companies, 
Farming and precision agriculture, 
Local authorities (planning departments) 
Water authorities
, Timelapse
 Marinas and boats
 Nature and wildlife, 
Radio communication, 
, Telecoms