Who Are We?

Eagle Eye Imaging is the brainchild of a small group of friends, with a shared passion for new ideas and creativity. Why not contact us and see how we could help you with your photography or film project?


Jason André

Jason is our main operator and day to day operator of Eagle Eye Imaging. Jason has a background in IT and the creative industry. He loves a new challenge and manages to fuse his two great loves in his work with Eagle Eye Imaging – Geeky technical things with creativity!
Jason is a CAA approved UAV operator and is responsible for the operation of our dedicated Aerial Photography Platform. He built our aerial platform and makes sure it is ship shape for every shoot we go to.

Diana André

Diana is Jason’s wife and is responsible for some of the support roles. She is a wizard with the website and helps to make sure that all of the essential paperwork is in place before we visit a client. Diana is also responsible for much of the video editing.
Diana thinks that aerial photography is a fascinating new field, but she’s a little scared of those fast blades!

Andrew Gage

Andrew is responsible for convincing Jason that this might just be a good idea. He provides inspiration and back end support.
Andrew spends his days running his own farm, but occasionally accompanies Jason on shoots.